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Room Description

Our Royal Suites are designed to provide comfort and convenience, equipped with a  Super King-size bed [6ft Bed] , a table, 2 chairs anda separate living room area with TV to attend to guests.

Besides the usual amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet connection, fridge and bathroom amenities of the highest quality, we also provide you with a safety deposit box to keep your personal belongings, access to our swimming pool and poolside bar.


Room rate is exclusive.
5% VAT.
5% Lagos State Consumption Tax.
10% Service Charge applies.


Please inform the reservations desk at least 24 hours before check in time otherwise you will be charged for the full daily rate.

The check in time is from 2pm and we guarantee that your room is serviced and prepared for you to occupy the room from this time on your day of arrival. However if you arrive earlier, you are more than welcome to park your car in the hotel car park and wait at the Restaurant/Bar area.

Check out is by 12noon on your day of departure. It is also possible to settle your bill and check out before noon. If you wish to leave early and before noon, then please request to settle your bill at your earliest convenience or better still, the previous evening. Late checkout is between 2pm and 6pm. Late checkout is charged at 50% of the standard room rate. Guests in the rooms after 6pm will be charged at the full room rate for the room they are occupying.

Respect, Courtesy and Dignity are the standards by which patrons will be dealt with whilst at our hotel. Unfortunately there are a few who do not treat our staff or property in a similar manner and for those we need these regulations. You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you and/or those that accompany you (whether they are staying in the hotel or not) cause to the hotel and its contents including the car park and associated parts. We ask that you please report any incidents as they occur. While we do not normally charge for minor accidental breakages, we will charge for the full cost of all other breakages, missing items i.e. Key Cards, and for the replacement and/or making good of any damage. We may also make a further charge of N1,000 if you did not report such an occurrence. Additionally there will be a charge of N1,000 for soiled bedding, towels, carpets, furnishings and décor caused by, but not limited to, vomit, food and drink stains, blood and bed wetting. The hotel will also charge in full for any lost room nights resulting from any such damage and incidents mentioned in these conditions.